Are there any size or weight restrictions on items we deliver?

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Yes we do have particular restrictions on size and weight. These restrictions are based on the vehicle required to complete the delivery. The three types of vehicles we have available as options to customers are:

  • Motorbike - Can only accept deliveries suitable for a bike
  • Car - Can accept bike and car deliveries
  • Van/Wagon - Can accept bike, car and van deliveries


Item dimensions


Max 30x30x30cm & 10Kg. Please ensure the item/s suit this option. No fragile items.

Please note - Maximum distance for motorbike delivery is 5kms. Otherwise, the delivery option will default to a car delivery.



Max 60x60x60cm, max 20Kg per item & up to 6 items. Please select 'Van' for larger deliveries.
Please note, if there are more than two items in a delivery, you will be charged an item surcharge.



Max 150x150x150cm & max 25Kg per item. Please allow up to 30 minutes for a Sherpa to be allocated and be sure to specify the dimensions in the item description.



If you arrive to the pick up location and the delivery is bigger than the above dimensions for your vehicle, please contact Sherpa Support via the Live Chat in the Driver app. 

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