I was in an accident. What should I do?

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Unfortunately, sometimes incidents occur on the road.

At Sherpa, we are committed to ensuring the safety of everyone. If you are involved in an accident, please take the following steps:

  1. Take the time to ensure that you are okay. If you or anyone else around you requires emergency assistance, please call 111 immediately.

  2. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location, away from traffic.

  3. Once you are in a safe place to do so, it is important that you let us know what happened. Contact Sherpa Support via chat or phone, and we will guide you through the next steps of reporting the incident. 

  4. If possible we will organise to have any deliveries onboard picked up by another driver and delivered.


If you are in any situation where you feel unsafe or injured, please call 111 for immediate assistance.


In the event that you are not able to contact Sherpa Support or must be rushed to the hospital, Sherpa will attempt to contact the nominated emergency contact person on your account. We will then contact the user to let them know of the situation and proceed to sort out the deliveries affected by the incident. 

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