How do I manage driver fatigue whilst delivering?

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Sherpa strongly encourages drivers to assess their physical and mental competency before accepting deliveries, especially in relation to driver fatigue.

Driver fatigue is mental or physical tiredness that affects a person’s ability to function. It may impair performance by reducing attentiveness, slowing reaction times, affecting judgement and reducing performance on skilled control tasks. Being awake for 17 hours or more is estimated to cause a similar level of impairment to a .05 blood alcohol content. 

As a Sherpa contractor, you are responsible for ensuring you adhere to the NZ Work Time laws to minimise your driver fatigue. 

With the regular stops at pickup and drop-off locations, you may think that you will be able
to avoid fatigue throughout the day, but that is not necessarily the case. Make sure you are planning for breaks throughout the day. Tiredness can creep up on you.

As per NZTA, here are some early indicators that you're fatigued:

• Yawning
• Poor Concentration
• Sore/Tired Eyes
• Restlessness

• Drowsiness
• Slow Reactions
• Boredom
• Oversteering


If you feel tired while driving, you can:

  • Pull over for a break (a 20-min nap works best)
  • Snack lightly on fresh foods
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water
  • Even if you don’t feel tired, take regular breaks to avoid fatigue

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