How do Wait Time Fees work?

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If you are made to wait at either the pick-up or drop off location while making a delivery with Sherpa, you will be reimbursed for this time. Wait time fees are calculated differently for single deliveries and runs. Here is a quick breakdown of how these are calculated based on both situations:


Single Delivery

You will be paid $3.00 (including GST) per 5 minutes you have to wait, after the initial first 10 minutes of waiting at either the pick-up or the delivery point.


As there are multiple deliveries in a run, the rules are a little different. 

If you have to wait at the pick-up location, you will be paid for the first 10 minutes for the first delivery, and 1 minute for every other delivery in the run. 

E.g. If there are 10 deliveries in the run, you will not be eligible for wait time fees until after 19 minutes (10mins for 1st delivery, 1 min for each of the 9 other jobs. 10+9 =19.)|

Please note that if there are multiple pick-ups from a single location, wait time fees only apply to a single order.

For Wait Time Fees to be applied, you must log a request via the Sherpa Chatbot.

It is important to have location services enabled while completing jobs for Sherpa. If we cannot verify your location, you may not be eligible for wait times. All wait time requests will be reviewed before being applied.


Please note that false wait time requests can result in a Grade 2 warning.



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