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What are the benefits on offer with Z Business for Sherpa?

    • Through the Everest Driver Loyalty Program, Sherpas can access an everyday fuel discount of at least 9 cents per litre, with higher discounts available as you move up tiers to Altitude and Summit tiers

    • Add Flybuys or Airpoints™ to your Z Business account and earn points whenever you buy fuel at a Z or Caltex service station

    • Enjoy no account, card of transaction fees

    • Find a warm welcome and savings at over 550 locations across the network of Z, Caltex and Challenge sites nationwide

    • Enjoy up to 40 days of credit on all spend, including a 10-day bill settlement period

    • Set spending limits, personalise fuel cards, create custom controls and more

    • Gain greater visibility on all spend with rich, anytime-access reporting

    • Fuel even greater business efficiencies when you feed your Z Business Plus account invoice directly into Xero

    • A New Zealand-based support team, on call 24/7 to help

    • Convenient direct debit to make paying your bill simple

What happens after I sign up for a Z business account?

  • The Z Business team will be in touch to confirm your account is open and your cards are on the way! 


Where will I see my savings?

  • Every month, you'll receive a detailed invoice report listing your fuel savings. Please note that fuel savings won't be shown on individual purchase receipts


How do I link my Flybuys or Airpoints™ account with Z Business Plus or update my loyalty details?

  • Simply add your loyalty number when you apply for Z Business Plus. Don't have your details to hand? Call us on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) and we'll add it for you, or update it for you

How will I see loyalty points earned with Z Business Plus?

  • You'll find all loyalty points earned with Z Business Plus on your regular statements issued by Flybuys or Airpoints™

Where do I go for help with my cards, account, or loyalty points?

  • You can call the NZ-based Z Business team 24/7 on 0800 Z ENERGY (0800 936 374) or zbuinsess@z.co.nz 

I have other questions, where do I go?

See further Terms and Conditions for more info at https://business.z.co.nz/z-business-terms-and-conditions/


Want to know the current offering from Z? Click here to see what discount you can receive!

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