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Please note:This feature is now available for Driver Partners based in Auckland and Christchurch. 




What’s an Exclusive Job Offer?

Exclusive job offers are exclusive delivery requests. This means that they are visible only to you in your driver app for a limited time. 

They appear as a banner on the 'Find Jobs' page (or a push notification if your app is closed or in the background). Simply click on the offer to see the details. You can also swipe left to dismiss, or ignore it completely and it will disappear once it expires.

Check them out in action here (30secs):



Once you accept (and confirm) you’ll take the delivery request, it will be added to your 'My Jobs' list like any other request you accept.


Will runs be offered via job offer?

No, only single deliveries will be sent via exclusive job offer, but this may change in the future.

Runs will be still shown on the 'Find Jobs' map/list view as normal, along with deliveries that don’t get accepted by a driver after all exclusive job offers are sent.

Does my Everest tier influence my chance of getting a job offer?

Yes, and no. Drivers on all tiers will be eligible to receive exclusive job offers, but your likeliness to receive them is increased if you are on a higher tier.

Do I have to do anything?

Nope! Exclusive job offers require you to be set as active on the app, but eligibility for them is determined by our best match calculation.

Can I turn them off?

If you don’t want to receive exclusive job offers at all, you can turn them off in the Driver Mobile App under My Account > Notification Preferences.




Why are other drivers getting them but I’m not?

Unless you’ve turned them off, and/or have not set to active on the driver app in the last 30mins, it may just mean you’re not matched to the jobs on offer. Or we may not have switched them on in your area (yet).



Please note: 

Exclusive Job Offer Push Notifications are only valid for 60 seconds. 
If you’re receiving them after they've expired, or not at all, you may wish to check if you have enabled Push Notifications for Sherpa and that you're receiving them at the time they are sent.

Learn more about notification settings for Android 
Learn more about notification settings for iOS


Will declining/ignoring them affect my account?

There are no penalties for declining or ignoring exclusive job offers, however we may temporarily turn them off if you ignore them consistently, ensuring drivers who do wish to receive them have the opportunity to do so.


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